Grok Innovations is a dynamic company with its focus on developing innovative product and services for its customers using Microsoft Technologies. Company has started in year 2010 from Glasgow and currently engaged in developing smarter solutions and provisioning of software systems which helps businesses to work efficiently and smartly with improved insight. Grok strives to set higher standards of performance and quality in its services to delight its customers.

Grok innovations aim is to connect insight, innovation and strategy to help Businesses and empower business people to act and react in a competitive environment.

Products and services include Sharepoint Service offering, Database Application development, Internet Development, Business intelligence, Custom Workflow for Paperless operations, Intranet, Line of Business apps, Migrations and Optimisation.

Grok model of operating uses agile approach for fast problem solving and developing smarter solutions. Grok promises to deliver high quality products and services on time and within budgets to all its customers.

Our consultants exhibits strong functional and technical skills in

  1. Understanding Business requirements and conducting requirement analysis
  2. Problem Solving and finding Solution using latest technologies
  3. Reverse Engineering of Legacy Systems and building of new specifications
  4. Design and Development of software systems in .net, sharepoint, BI and SQL Server etc
  5. Integrating and Implementing Solution within Business Environment
  6. Training Users and Super Users
  7. Application Support Service

Grok innovations is expert in Reporting and Business Intelligence

Our Solutions helps our clients to take advantage of the newest features in technology, concepts and practices such as:

  • Best Practice Solution Architectures like Web forms,MVC, office 365 etc
  • Developing and Managing a Operational and Executive level Reporting to support decisions
  • Create secure, reliable, Business Intelligence Semantic Models using Analysis Services
  • To improve the quality, credibility and consistency of your business data. Use of Data Tools like Data Quality Services, Intergation services, Reporting Services etc
  • Achieve workplace collaborations using sharepoint workflows
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